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Popinsko's musicians :

Magali Bardou
(Clarinets)- Mana's chaperon
Sophie Bardou (Violin) - Magali's sister
Ronan Yvon (Guitar) - Sophie's neighbour
Mana Chabbey (Double bass) - Ronan's driver

Magali Bardou, crédit-photo : ?

Magali Bardou (Clarinet and Bass Clarinet)

Contrary to the dromedary, with whom she shares his north african roots, Magali cannot survive a long time without water.
1984 - 94 Clarinet lessons in a music school

1991 Concerts with the Harris Tweed band (saxophone soprano)

1996 Accompaniment of the singer Peyo

1997 Creation of Freilach (jazz and eastern european musics)

1998 Tin whistle(irish flute) workshops in Miltown Malbay (Ireland)

1999 Participation in the musical comedy Les Conspirateurs by David Lescot (music by Charles Valade), performed in the TILF (theater in Paris)

2000 Recording of an album with the singer Nush

2001 Recording of the first album Belle Ville of the singer Alexis HK

2002 Recording of the album Oufti! by Popinsko,
Bass clarinet learning

2003 Klezmer music concerts

Sophie Bardou, crédit-photo : Emmanuel Veneau

Sophie Bardou (Violin)

Though she does not think much of the zebra for the humor, she often dresses in sparkling colors.
1978 - 91 Violin and percussions lessons in music schools

1985 - 95 Irish traditional fiddle (violin) workshops in France and in the Willie Clancy Summer School (Ireland), espacially based on the particular Couty Clare style

1995 Album L'heure de la fuite with the Scatcat Sextet (Jazz), many concerts
Irish music sessions in Paris pubs, at first with Vincent Blin and Michel Ferry

1997 Ceilis and irish music concerts with the Paris Ceili Band

1998 Creation of POPINSKO
Musical comedy Les conspirateurs by David Lescot (music by Charles Valade), performed in TILF (Paris theater) then recording of a radio version for France Culture

1999 Recording of the music for the movie The Mistress by Cristal Kwok (music: Charles Valade), awarded in the asian film festival in Deauville, april 2000

2000 Recording of the sound track for a educative CD-rom for Gallimard
Recording of the album Omnibus by the singer Geoffroy

2001 Professional jazz Didier Lockwood school (CMDL), with teaching from Didier Lockwood, Dominique Pifarelli, Benoit Sourisse, André Charlier, Carlos Wernek, Bojan Z....

2002 Writing and performing of a musical children show La Goutte d'Eau (on tour with the Jeunesse Musicales de France)
Violin teacher in the Association Irlandaise(Irish association in Paris)

2003 Touring in France with the show La goutte d'eau
Irish music quartet Time to Time and violonist in Dusty Feet Ceili Band

Emmanuel Chabbey, crédit-photo : Emmanuel Veneau

Emmanuel Chabbey (Double Bass)

Beeing as much a night bird as the Eagle Owl, Emmanuel ("Mana") remains standing when he plays, and also, he can turn his head without moving his shoulders.
1980 Harpsichord and violin lessons in a music school

1991 First electric bass

1994 Jazz classes in the C.I.M. (Paris Jazz School)

1995 Creation of the Chauds Watts Quartet (blues, rock,funk, reggae and jazz) with Ronan Yvon

1997 Participation (on double bass) in several jazz and blues band (Just Friend Quartet with his brother, the jazz guitar player William Chabbey)
Weekly jam sessions and concerts with Richard Clemens, Olivier Johnson etc...

1998 Formation of a trio (bass and double bass) with the bresilian bassist Carlos Wernek and the drummer Thierry Arpino.
Album Les Oubliées with the traditional music band Chestnut

1999 Album Dex Mex with the saxophone player Moritz Peter, George Brown and William Chabbey
Participation in the musical comedy Loft in the Ménilmontant theater in Paris.

2000 Recording of the album Omnibus by the singer Geoffroy, then concerts
Musical comedy De Temps en Temps, with the compagny Les Chants de Mars.

2001 Recording of albums Lawaii by the singer Peyo, and Belle ville by Alexis HK

2002 Recording of the album Jazz Horizons by William Chabbey and concert in the Jazzfortville festival

2003 Tour in Switzerland with Moritz Peters
Double bass player in the Dusty Feet Ceili Band (irish dancing music)

Ronan Yvon, crédit-photo : Emmanuel Veneau

Ronan Yvon (Guitar)

Like a Cat, with whom he has great similarities, Ronan is not afraid to get his feet wet and leaves no path unexplored.


1989-93 Self-learning of the guitar
Participation in several song groups, and concerts in Paris and in New York

1993-95 Discovery of jazz, harmony and arrangement lessons with Eric Boell, then master classes with Mike Stern, Biréli Lagrène, Allan Holdsworth...
Several jazz groups (Initial trio Jazz, Chauds Watts, Sabaya Quartet..)

1995 Gipsy jazz with the guitarist Romane

1996 Album and many concerts with the jazz band Manoque (gipsy jazz), rewarded in the jazz festival Jazz à Montmartre
Participation in the Scatcat Sextet with Sophie Bardou

1997 Composition, irish, breton and eastern europe traditional music

1999 First solo concert
Concerts with the jazz quartet Lila Zermophone
music for the Denis Roussel short film, Café compris
Music for the theater Temporairement Epuisé directed by Millie Deniset

2000 Guitarist for the singer Peyo
Composition and direction of the album Omnibus by Geoffroy

2001 Album Belle Ville by Alexis HK
Recording of the sound track for an educative Cd-rom (publisher : Gallimard)

2002 Recording of the album Lawaii by Peyo, and many concerts
Recording of the Sophie Forte album

2003 Creation of the musical show La goutte d'Eau
Guitarist in Dusty Feet Ceili Band and in Time To Time (irish music quartet)