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In a world always in a hurry, you have to go faster and faster, maybe too fast... Anyway, in a too modern world, Popinsko provides you anything you need even before you think about it! Please find here some extra information, according to your present mood :

  • You are very busy. You are a journalist and you really have to write this article about a little quartet that people talk about in parties. You don't have time to listen to the records of Popinsko, you won't be able to read the musicians' biographies. Don't panic. Popinsko have made a Special-busy-journalist-kit

  • You are under stress, and want to take care of yourself? Popinsko is a leader in the stress treatments by alternative medicine.

  • You're just back from your trip to India. You heart and soul are still full of your guru's precepts. Finally, you see people's truth beyond the appearances. you will feel the Popinsky osmosis through Peyo's poem.